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Toddler Program

The Toddler Program at Marin Horizon is a Montessori-inspired sanctuary designed for the unique developmental stage of 2-3 year-olds, an age filled with curiosity, growth, and burgeoning independence.


Our skilled educators embrace these qualities, creating a nurturing and vibrant environment that sparkles with wonder, warmth, and joy. Drawing from Montessori principles, they craft a sensory-rich world that encourages toddlers to explore and connect with their surroundings. Play becomes a guided journey where touch, movement, and interaction are paths to learning.

Beyond instruction, teachers act as gentle guides and trusted friends, offering fun and engaging activities specifically designed to foster language development, creativity, and both gross and fine motor skills. Building essential foundations and a love for learning, they also inculcate a sense of community and belonging. This emphasis on social awareness teaches the children how to listen, cooperate, and recognize feelings, helping them become responsible community members.

At the heart of this program is the nurturing of independence and the confidence to explore and inquire. When toddlers graduate to the Primary program, they do so equipped not only to participate in the world but to actively engage with it, carrying with them the essential skills and attitudes that were lovingly cultivated at this cherished stage of their lives at Marin Horizon.

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Catherine Hills
Program Coordinator
Toddler Program - the Discovery Year

At Marin Horizon, our Toddler Program is a cherished introduction to the world of learning for our youngest members. This phase is awash with the sparkle of first experiences, where the wonder of each moment is palpable. Recognizing the unique way toddlers engage with their surroundings, we curate an environment that’s both nurturing and engaging. Our emphasis is on sensory exploration, tactile learning, and cultivating a budding sense of independence. It's not about structured lessons, but about cherishing and guiding those early steps towards understanding oneself and the environment. The dedicated educators at Marin Horizon are adept at fostering connections, encouraging self-expression, and gently steering the toddlers toward collaborative interactions. As we nurture these budding learners, we lay down the very first bricks on their path to a life filled with curiosity, confidence, and meaningful interactions.

Toddlers are little explorers, embracing principles that foster curiosity and growth. At this tender age of discovery, they engage with the world around them in ways that lay the foundation for future learning. Through sensory play, guided interactions, and activities designed to stimulate creativity and independence, these young children begin to understand their environment and their place within it. They take their first guided steps towards becoming compassionate and thoughtful members of their community.


The Toddler Program Faculty are teachers who know how to fill learning with curiosity, wonder, warmth and joy.  Following a Montessori-inspired pedagogy, experienced and kind teachers offer an array of fun and engaging activities that are purposefully designed to spark interest, build language and gross/fine motor skills, creativity and independence. 

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